Some Common Thai Words & Phrases – Thai 101

Some Common Thai Words & Phrases – Thai 101
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Update: 14/01/2019

Some common Thai words & phrases:

Note 1: I am not a professional teacher of the Thai or English language. The point of this blog is for non- Thai readers to learn some basic (phonetic) Thai. I started learning numbers in Thai so I could understand pricing. The 2nd thing I learned was how to speak Thai to Taxi drivers so I could direct them to my destination.

Note 2: I have tried to spell the translations in English font the same way I would pronounce the word.

Note 3: The Thai language is gender specific. That is, males say some words differently to females.

It is more polite to add “krup” (if you are male) and “kah” (if you are female) at the end of a request or greeting phrase.

Mai aow (krup/kah) – I don’t want it/you. (smile when you say this, it is polite, yet will dissuade any street seller from pursuing you further).

In some areas “R” words take an “L” sound. i.e. “roi” (100) becomes “loi” and “Chiang Rai” sounds like “Chiang Lai” and “rawn (hot) sounds like “lawn”. The Rs and Ls may also be dropped altogether; i.e. Sri Racha is pronounced “See Rachaa”. “Pla” (fish) becomes “Pah” and, “Krub/Khrup” sounds more like “carb”.

You – Khun
I – Phom (if you are male) and Chan (if you are female)
He/she/they – Kao
Hello – sawatdee (krup/kah… depends if you are male or female…see above)
Goodbye – la gawn na (krup/kah)
How are you? – sabai dee mai (krup/kah)
Fine – Sabai dee (krup/kah)
Thank you – khob Khun (krup/kah)
Yes – chai
No – mai chai
Can – dai
Cannot – mai dai
Can do? – dai mai? (rising tone)
What? = arai?
How? = yang ngai?
Why? = tum mai?
Delicious = a-roi
Never mind, it does not matter, whatever, up to you (this is a handy all-purpose phrase to express the Thai go-with-the-flow attitude) – mai pen rai
I cannot speak Thai. <<< (well, you can speak some Thai if you learn the common phrases) – Phom (if male)/ Chan (if female) pood Thai mai dai
Do you understand? – kow jai mai
I understand – Phom (if male)/Chan (if female) kao jai lao
I do not understand – Phom (if male)/Chan (if female) mai kao jai
I don’t or not know – Phom (if male)/Chan (if female) mai roo
What is your name? – Khun choo arai
My name is ….. – Phom (if male)/Chan (if female) choo ……
What country are you from? = Khun maa jaak bprattet arai?
I come from (America) = Phom (if male)/Chan (if female) maa jaak (ameerigaa)
How much is this? – nee tao rai krup/kah
Can you give a little discount? – lot noi dai mai
Please show me the bill – check bin krup/kah
Expensive – pang
Very expensive – pang maak
Very cheap – took maak
Believe – chure
Not believe – mai chure
True – ching
Not true – mai ching
Cheap – took
Water – naam
Ice – naam kang
Good luck – khor hai chok dee
Airport – sanaam bin
Hot – rawn… (as above, usually pronounced “lawn”)
Cold – now (rising tone)
Toilet – hong naam
Sorry or excuse me = khor tort
Small, not much, a little bit – nit noi
Large or big – yai
Smoking a cigarette or cigar – soopburi
What? – a-rai
Where? – tee nai (sometimes nai is used on its own)
When? – mua-rai or gee mong (at what time?)
Where is…? = yoo tee nai…
How many? – gee (comes before the subject)
Is (or is not)- yaang raimai (rising tone)
Have done?(action) – rue yaang (as in have you finished)
Are (to be or…yes or no? after a statement) – khun ben khun Thai rue plour (as in… are you Thai, yes or no?)

Taxi Thai
turn right – leo kwaa
turn left – leo sai
keep left – chid sai
go straight – droong bai
go to the start or mouth of soi – bai baak soi
go to the end of the soi or road – bai sood soi
yoot – stop

Thai Numbers:
0 – soon
1 – neung
2 – song
3 – saam
4 – see
5 – haa <<<< some foriegners wonder what “5555555” means when they chat on social media with a Thai. It literally means “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” (same as LOL)
6 – hok
7 – jet
8 – bpad
9 – gao
10 – sip
11 – sip-et
12 – sip-song
13 – saam-sip
14 – see-sip
15 – sip-ha
16 – sip-hok
17 – sip jet
18 – sip bpad
19 – sip-gow
20 – ye-sip
21 – ye-sip et
22 – ye-sip song
23 – ye-sip saam
24 – ye-sip see
25 – ye-sip haa
30 – saam-sip
31 – saam-sip et
32 – saam-sip song
40 – see-sip
50 – haa-sip
60 – hok-sip
70 – jet-sip
80 – bpad-sip
90 – gow-sip
100 – neung roi
200 – song-roi
300 – saam roi
1000 – neung paan
10,000 – neung mooin
20,000 – song mooin

Website: Translate English language font into Thai language font.

Happy learning some Thai language (passa Thai) from the Home2go Team. 🙂


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