The New High-Speed Train Project – Travel To & From Hua Hin In The Fast Lane (250 km/hour)

The New High-Speed Train Project – Travel To & From Hua Hin In The Fast Lane (250 km/hour)
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Update: 2/11/2019

HOT NEWS!!!!!!   Hua Hin Today published the article below on 2/11/2019. 🙁

Hua Hin High-speed Train Hopes Derailed??

Refer to my thoughts at the bottom of this webpage published 18/10/2018.

Some previous news articles…

Bidding to commence for a high-speed rail project linking Thailand’s major airports

Thailand Trains: 10 August 2018:

These are exciting times in the development of Thailand’s railway system. Following on from the recent proposals build a rail link between Surat Thani and the ferry ports of Donsak and the completion of the tendering process for the dual track project between Hua Hin and Prachuap Khiri Khan, the Thai Government has announced …. read more

The Nation: Somkid calls for high-speed rail action

The Nation News: July 12, 2018

Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak yesterday urged state transportation agencies to rush major projects into the bidding process, particularly the development of the double-track and high-speed train schemes.

He said that the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) is the key driving engine this year to drive several projects and that its big project development should not be delayed.
He also urged the SRT to hasten calls for bids in nine double-track routes.
The SRT is expected to finish the term of reference of the Bangkok-Hua Hin high-speed train soon. Somkid also urged the SRT to conduct a study to extend this route to Surat Thani and present the plan of the extension route for Cabinet consideration next year.

The Nation: High-Speed Train Project To Be Proposed

The Nation News: March 05, 2018

Tourism and Sports Minister Weerasak Kowsurat will on Tuesday propose a high-speed tourism project during a Cabinet retreat in Phetchaburi.
Weerasak said on Monday that the new project would be integrated into the government’s plan to develop tourism on the western coast of Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon and Ranong.
Weerasak said if the project received Cabinet approval, a high-speed train line would be built from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

Nakhonpathom – Chumphon: Double -Track Railway, Southern Line (Nakhon Pathom – Chumphon section) Project

Proposed: Pan Asia Railway Network: Kumming to Singapore

Construction of the new high-speed rail link from Kumming to Singapore via Laos has stalled for the moment because of funding issues

Thai authorities and Chinese government close to agreeing on a deal to construct the Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima high-speed train line


High-speed rail links to Hua Hin and Rayong could start building next year

Samui Times 21/05/2016

Work on the approved dual-track high-speed rail links from Bangkok to Hua Hin and Bangkok to Rayong could begin as soon as next year. Read more…


Thoughts from the author: 

Currently (October 2018), there has been no clear or decisive decision announced by the Thai government regarding an actual start of construction date for the high-speed train project from Bangkok to Hua Hin. I believe the government is waiting for the EIA (Environmental Impact Assesment) to be completed and subsequently approved. People that live in Hua Hin can see new construction works at some sections of the existing railway line (between Soi 70 & 112) and think these works are the start of the high-speed train project. These works are the beginnings of another project to add a new railway track (making a dual track railway) from the Hua Hin Train station in the centre of town, south to Prachuap Khirikhan train station for a distance of 84 km. Part of the project is to elevate the old and the new dual-track railway as it passes through the centre of Hua Hin. No doubt, the plan to elevate the railway is not just to ease traffic problems at railway crossings, it is also to form part of the proposed high-speed train link. This project also involves building 2 new railway bridges and 12 new train stations south of Hua Hin. See this link: Bidding completed for the construction of a dual track from Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan 

Construction Sign located near Soi 88.

In my honest opinion: Actual construction work for the high-speed train from Bangkok to Hua Hin link will start within 1 to 4 years. TIT!!! It is all about politics, of course!

High-speed Train Station: There has been much talk about where the high-speed train station will be located in the greater Hua Hin area. Some have said it will be located near the airport, others have said it will be located near the old historic train station in the centre of town. IMO, there is a 95% chance of it being located about 2 km further south from the centre of town, directly behind the new Bluport Shopping mall near Soi 102. All of the preliminary infrastructures for the station were constructed at the same time the Bluport Mall was constructed.

Google Earth Plan View – unused carpark on the left side of the railway and Bluport Mall on the right side. Perfectly set up for a high-speed train station. (Google Earth Plan View – April 2018).    Click on pic for larger version.                                                                      
Google Earth Street View. The 2nd floor covered opening in the back wall of Bluport is ready for a future walkway bridge connection. (Google Earth Street View – February 2017). Click on pic for larger version.

If you look closely at the back wall of Bluport, you will see a large opening in the wall (covered with temporary cladding) that could be there to provide access to the mall via a walkway bridge connected to the new station. Bluport has also built a very large carpark on the other side of the railway line which is never more than 5% used by Bluport staff and customers. So, was it a mistake to spend so much money on this carpark that is located on the opposite side of the railway line?…. I say,  the real purpose could be to service the new high-speed train station in the future. Also, it is easy to construct a walkway and vehicle ramp/bridge connecting the new train station with the carpark. It’s a no-brainer but politics will have a say on where the new train station should be located and as you know, politicians change over time so what they are saying now does not mean they will be saying the same 12 months later. If my opinion (speculation) is correct and if the construction of the station begins behind the Bluport Mall, then properties local to the new train station will see a huge leap in value! 

Contrary to my above opinion (speculation), the unused land and the car park area on the western side of the railway could be used to service a new condominium or hotel at this location. Linking the new building with a walkway bridge over the railway and into the Bluport mall.

An artist’s impression of the new high-speed train station. Use your imagination to place the Bluport mall on the far- side.

Please note, the high-speed train project from Bangkok to Hua Hin has NOT been formally approved by the Thai government for construction but there are a lot of  “connecting dots” indicating a good chance of it becoming a reality in the near future.

BTW, this “opinion” is one of the reasons I have purchased my home (pool/villa) and a shophouse (office) in Soi 102. Being near and having easy access to the new international standard Bluport Mall and the Bangkok Hospital are other reasons. So if I am mistaken about the high-speed train and/or the location of the station, then, as most Thai’s would say…. * mai pen rai* or as Meatloaf would say… “2 out of 3, ain’t bad” 🙂

*mai pen rai* (English translations: go with the flow, whatever, it does not matter, nevermind, up to you) is a favourite phrase used by Thai people.

The high-speed train is coming faster than you think!… from the Home2go Team 🙂

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